Eco + Bottle
Eco + Bottle

Eco + Bottle

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Eco + Bottle
Design and eco-responsible pot cover.

Example applications
. a design pot cover, for a small floral arrangement or a green or bulb plant or aromatic herbs
. fits on a Cristaline water bottle background
. pack & gift, for events or hotels

KIT of 4 models designed and produced in a biokart support with a hot extruded PLA lamination on the inside. This material is 100% vegetable, hyper hydrophobic and benefits from PEFC / FSC labels.

Support: 100% vegetable biokart certified PEFC / FSC, neutral without printing

Lamination: hot extruded PLA on the inside
dimensions: height 230mm / width: +/- 95mm (fits on the bottom of a Cristaline bottle)
unit weight: 15 g

These models can also be sized and shaped according to use in neutral white PEFC and FSC materials,
unbleached, or colored on one or both sides. The support used can also be enhanced, either by embossing, stamping, hot stamping, or even printing in the colors of your choice or your event.
Your request will be the subject of a precise study taking into account the specificity of your project.

Production Guy T.