Luce Smits: all the light on excellent knitting.


In "Knitwear and Philosophy", her latest book published in early October 2020, Luce Smits invites us to discover 25 new models inspired by the four elements.

An intimate, philosophical and technical meeting, at the heart of its inspiration and its manufacturing secrets: merging stitches and philosophy to discover and rediscover the pleasure of hand knitting in all its excellence.

English knitting stitches, Irish trees of life, entwined twists, various seedlings, Rennes woods and Interlacing in long-fiber cashmere, checkered patterns and eco-friendly dice games ... Luce Smits offers us a continuous journey towards infinite creativity, "luxury unheard of, forgetting worries and accessible dreams ".

Luce smits is a master in the art of knitting: a precise gesture, a mind open to the beauty of the world, a generous heart which is embodied in the sharing of each of its points and in each of its creations.

Freelance fashion designer, teacher hired at the start of her career, specialist in hand knitting and English stitch, Luce embraces this passion from an early age.

Of Flemish origin, she trained in philosophy and entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, she enrolled in art history and costume history courses, joined the Superior School of Arts. Applied. She finished her studies as the first female graduate at the Higher School of Publicity.

Cultivating her desire for independence, she became a flight attendant for 13 years. His travels, rich in experience, meetings and friendships, have allowed him to develop his core business, with the discovery of new materials, new techniques, knitting stitches linked to local folklore and ancient traditions.

In 1967, his heart brought him to Paris. As a young bride, she opened her workshop in 1979 as a textile designer, designed models, performing them in her workshop in high-end materials, specializing in timeless dresses, women's and men's coats in English fabric and exhibited for 20 years its capsule collections in trade shows in France and abroad.

Asked in 2000 during a Parisian fair, by the artistic director of Solar to write a transmission book on hand knitting, this book was released in French and English in 2004: Techniques and Models, followed by Moss stitch knit (and the rice that feeds the world) and a Book of 12 scarves over time published in Switzerland, in French, German and Dutch.

Luce Smits pays particular attention to the provenance of all her materials and has never been attracted to relocation.

From fabrics to wool, Luce cares about how animals are treated. She ensures that the sheep are raised outdoors with respect and affection, and that the yarns and fabrics are "Woolmark" labeled.

This obviously affects the cost of wool and the qualities of the fabrics, but it is a choice that she takes. Luce favors the quality of its raw materials for its handmade work.

For the dresses and coats, she chooses noble fabrics, woven in England, flannels mixed with cashmere and 100% wool crepes.

For the knitting, Luce selected the yarns "Langyarns" in Swiss.

Luce Smits is the author of several books dedicated to the art of knitting.


Knitwear and Philosophy - published in early October 2020

Knitwear and Sweaters from the North Sea the Atlantic Ocean - released January 3, 2007

Knitting - Techniques and Models - published in 2004 and second publication in January 2012 in French and English

Moss stitch knit - released October 20, 2010

Notebook 12 Scarves over time - published in Switzerland, in French, German, Dutch in 2014.


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