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I created my activity in 2012.

Sensory designer and craftsman, I have 3 areas of expertise:

- I use a unique expertise to enhance the materials used in the Luxury sector (silk, leather, alcantara, feather) through the laser. I am referenced as an eco-responsible supplier by the LVMH group and carry out marquetry on cabinetry for packaging, visual merchandising, exceptional art of living. - I self-edit my collections on different textiles for Fashion and Home Decor and edit exclusive patterns on request.

- I help companies to become aware of the importance of materials in the customer experience when poly sensory is often neglected.

Very sensitive to materials and convinced that interior decoration has an impact on us, I would like to share my tips for making our homes become protective cocoons that contribute to our emotional well-being. 100% personalized, 100% unique, 100% well-being :)! ".

I work for individuals and for professionals.

Contact me for your projects.

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