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We have been around since 1857.

We fashion exceptional rugs and masterful wall tapestries. Using secular techniques, our family business proudly participates in the sustainability of French know-how which, through countless works, has marked the history of art. Guarantors of this invaluable heritage, today we are committed to being at the forefront of artistic renewal and technical innovation.

We make made-to-measure rugs using various techniques such as lockstitch, tufting or even woven. We guarantee a quality and a know-how, which know how to adapt to the price and to the demands. We have been shaping tapestries since 1867, and produce rare collection pieces, according to the Aubusson tapestry tradition. From Calder to Othoniel, we have always known how to be at the forefront of artistic renewal. From uni to the most complex patterns, tufted or mechanical carpets, we make carpets that can adapt to all types of requests.

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