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I have been a jewelry designer in Paris since 2012.

Trained alternately at CFA BJOP (Jewelery, Jewelry, Goldsmith and Pearls) and in the workshop of a Parisian jeweler, I graduated in Art of Jewelery and Jewelery. I create all my jewelry, from design to manufacture, adding to the most complex pieces the help of other Parisian artisans.

I draw my inspiration mainly from the Art Deco or Art Nouveau movements of the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, alternating fluid and floral shapes with geometric lines. Metalwork is at the heart of my creations, using all the techniques of traditional jewelry and constantly working on the appearance of metal. I make my jewelry in small series, or in limited or tailor-made editions. Made-to-measure jewelry has that extra soul that appears in the translation of your desire for jewelry by the hand of the craftsman.

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