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Craftsman Bottier installed in Pays de la Loire since 1997, I make custom-made shoes that combine elegance, comfort and robustness.

I create “real” tailor-made solutions: that is to say that for each client, I design, in my workshop, a wooden shape that accurately reproduces your foot. Then I come to build your shoe around this shape. I work in accordance with criteria which are essential to the manufacture of made-to-measure shoes: the reception of your foot, the accompaniment of your walk, the destination of use, the functionality ... Without forgetting the aesthetics of course. . As an Artisan Bottier, I know how to create and make unique your pair of shoes. Trained through a Tour de France with the Compagnons du Devoir for 7 years, then bootmaker in luxury and prestigious brands in the world of footwear, I have a know-how that allows me to respond to practically all requests. in shoe design. Your shoe will be entirely made in my workshop, with skins from major French tanneries.

I like to find answers to all those who cannot find solutions in the trade. This custom-made shoe, built in the purest tradition of the shoemaker's trade, is free from any friction, creases and other air bubbles that may cause you discomfort. This perfect adaptability to your foot and your walk also brings longevity to your shoes. No longer ask your feet to bend in your shoes ...

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