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I have been practicing this profession since 2013.

Corsetier is an old profession which almost disappeared a few years ago but which persists thanks to a few enthusiasts and which even tends to return more and more in the world of fashion. My know-how is rare and meticulous. I first learned it on my own, starting to create corsets on my own before specializing more with another experienced corset maker.

What I appreciate the most in my activity is to see the garment being created little by little, in pairs, by mixing my know-how and the ideas of the person. Because each piece is fully personalized and made to measure (several fittings are necessary). I like to adapt this old garment to make it a modern and comfortable piece: a corset for today's woman, for everyday life, occasions ... It is from this same perspective of modernity that I divert the corset to make more contemporary clothes such as corseted skirts or jackets, unique and trendy pieces. And to finish, what I like more concretely in the realization of the corsets, it is the final stages of hand sewing of all the elements (lace, pearls, ribbons ...) which will bring a particular touch and personalize. clothing.

I work for individuals or professionals.

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