Collection: Agnes H.

Textile designer

Bourgogne Franche-Comté



I started my activity in 1983.

Graduated from ENSAAMA (National School of Applied Arts and Crafts), I am a textile designer, a little-known profession which consists of creating patterns on paper so that they are infinitely printable on fabric (furniture, fashion, wallpaper, linens, wrapping paper, scarves, etc.…). I design independently for the most prestigious French and foreign upholstery houses. Both designer and director, I work in collaboration to order or propose free personal creations. My creations are characterized by a precise hand, a sure design, a rich chromatic range and a perfect mastery of the technical constraints of the fabric.

I draw on all possible sources of inspiration (nature, landscape, vegetation, objects, clothes, documents of all kinds and particularly old ones, abstraction…) to nourish my creativity to which is added the jubilant play of color. I have as much pleasure in realizing my personal ideas as in responding to orders. Whether you have a vague or precise idea of ​​what you want, do not hesitate to contact me, I will share my passion with you and adapt to your desires!

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